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Department of Geography

Department of Geography, Patna University is one of the oldest University Departments of Geography teaching in India. Located on the sprawling campus of Patna College, it has its separate entity being located in the eastern part which is designated as the Science Block of Patna College. Functionally also it is an integrated department as both P.G. teaching of University Department of Geography and P.G. and U.G. classes of Patna College are held together in one building under one roof. Teaching of geography at the undergraduate level started in Patna College in 1928. It was the third oldest department of geography in India having been established in Pre-Independent India. Thus, viewed from chronological point of view, geography teaching in Patna College is one of the oldest in the country. Two years after the Independence of India, Post Graduate teaching in geography started in 1949 Although, the department was established for both post graduate and undergraduate teaching, it was Prof. S. C. Chatterjee of department of Geology, Science College, who looked after the department in the initial phase. Prof. S. A. Majid was the founder Head of the P.G. department of Geography. Prof. P. Dayal joined as the Head of the Department of Geography in May 1951. With the promulgation of the Patna University Act in 1952, the Post-graduate department of Geography came directly under the supervision and control of Patna University. In the 1950’s the department of geography had a number of distinguished faculty members such as Prof. R. P. Singh, Prof. P. P. Karan in Political Geography, Prof. S. M. Karimi in Cartography who became the Head of the department in 1982. Other distinguished faculty members of that decade were Prof. A. Sharan with specialization in land use studies, Prof. K. K. Sinha in physical geography and Prof. R. N. P. Sinha in land use studies and political geography. The progress of the department continued uninterrupted as a number of academic and extracurricular activities were organised in the department. In the 1960s the number of faculty members increased with the joining of Prof L. N. Ram, Prof. S. N. Prasad, Dr Mahamaya Mukherjee, Prof B. Thakur (who later went to Delhi University), Prof. G. P. Jha, Prof. S. L. Prasad ,Dr K. V. Singh, Prof V. N. P. Sinha, Mrs Kumud Sharan and Prof. K. Mahto. the 1960s witnessed a number of acadmic activities in the department like holding of seminars, symposiums, Summer institute and the most important being International Geographical Congress Symposium of I.G.U. on “Industrialisation in the Developing countries” (Nov 25-29, 1968). During this decade department of geography was given a project by Ministry of Defence to carry on “Diagnostic Survey of Lower Damodar Basin” which was successfully completed. In 1991, the Annual Conference cum National Seminar of 13th Indian Geography congress (NAGI) was held in the Department of Geography, P.U. and its Convener was Prof. L.N. Ram then Head of the Department. Infrastructure: Department of geography has a very large surface area both on the ground floor and first floor. The ground floor has Seminar Library, Seminar Hall, Staff room, Computer Room, Lecture Halls and individual chamber of teachers. The first floor has instrument stores, Laboratory Halls, Lecture Halls, Office of the Department. The Department has a very large Seminar Library with about twenty thousand books and journals. Books are purchased regularly by the grants from the U.G.C, New Delhi. Recent Development - Green Environment: The area surrounding the main building in the Department has been developed by adding green environment Prof. P. Dayal Herbal Park was inaugurated and developed on the occasion of Diamond Jubilee celebration of the department. Before it, a globe made of concrete was erected in 1991 which is in this park. A model map of India was constructed in front of Geography Department building in 1992-93. A variety of plant species were planted in this park. A piece of land lying behind Geography building was developed by teak plantation in 1997-98 and construction of model map of Bihar was done in 1999. The Swarna Jayanti Dwar constructed during Golden Jubilee celebration (1949-99) with a boundary wall demarcation gives a distinct look to its campus. Besides, the granite palette marking Diamond Jubilee Celebration of the department has been placed in front of the main building. Alumni of Geography Department: The students of the Department of Geography, Patna University have occupied high places in the society and they have made significant contribution in various fields, especially in education, administration and other services. A large number of alumni are serving as town planners, faculty members, and professors in India and abroad. A large number of alumni of this department joined Central Civil Services and Bihar State Administrative Services. Department of geography has the pride of having several Vice Chancellors who had earlier been Heads of this department. They are Prof. P. Dayal (Vice Chancellor of Magadh University), Prof. L. N. Ram (Vice Chancellor of Patna University) Prof. Sudeepta Adhikari (Vice Chancellor of Patna University) and Prof. R. B. P. Singh (Present Vice Chancellor Patna University). Prof. K. N. Paswan is currently Pro Vice Chancellor of Magadh University. Others Performances/Achievements: Department of Geography, P.U. has the honour of having three past Presidents of National Association of Geographers, India (NAGI) who have been the former Heads of this department viz. Prof. P. Dayal, Prof. L.N. Ram and Prof. R.B.P. Singh. Some of the teachers of the department have also received prestigious honours from different universities of India. Prof. V. N. P. Sinha, the former Head of the Department has been awarded Emeritus fellowship by the UGC in 2010-11. Association of Geographers, Bihar has been formed in 1999 with its Head office in the Department of Geography. This was initially named as Bihar Association of Geographers (BAG) which was later renamed as Association of Geographers of Bihar and Jharkhand (AGBJ). During fifth Five Year Plan Centre for Development studies was established in 1982. It completed several sanctioned projects but could not continue due to non-financial support from the Govt. of Bihar. During 2010-15, Special Assistance Programme (SAP) DRS-1 was granted to the Department by the UGC. By the financial support of the programme the infrastructure of the department has considerably improved. Studies on relevant urban issues were carried on as a part of the programme.
First Head: Prof. S. A. Majid
Present Head: Dr. Amuradha Sahay